Holiday Menu

Each dish is prepared from scratch, with natural and fresh ingredients, using some local, organic and seasonal ingredients. For more information on pricing and booking send us an email to and let us know your ideas.

To start

Ceviche de Atun - Tuna fish Ceviche

Tuna fish fillets marinated in local bitter orange juice, topped with a tangy pineapple-pico de gallo with habanero peppers.


Camarones Coco - Coconut Shrimp

Breaded coconut local shrimp in a tropical mango sauce.

Tostadas de Tzik de Res - Pulled beef Tostadas

Prime pulled beef, mixed with diced red onions, chopped cilantro, chopped sweet radish, all dressed with bitter orange juice, olive oil and served on a lightly fried corn tortilla with a slice of avocado.



Crema de Chile Poblano

Roasted Poblano pepper Cream

Sopa de Calabaza de Castilla al Curry

Curried Roasted Pumpkin Soup



Ensalada de Romanas con Manzana y Aguacate

Organic Romaine lettuce with slices of apple, avocado and toasted almonds, topped with our vinaigrette dressing.


Ensalada de Pera

Fresh spinach leafs with slices of sweet pears, crumbled blue cheese and toasted pecans, dressed with balsamic dressing.

Main Dishes

Filete Mignon- Filet Mignon

Grilled, tender and juicy medallions of Fillet Mignon, served with a smoky Ancho pepper stuffed with home-mashed potatoes & cheese, topped with a mushroom and wine sauce, saute veggies and sweet mashed potatoes.

Langosta a la Mantequilla - Lobster "al burro"

Caribbean lobster to the garlic and butter sauce, served with a tasty and spicy Tamarind sauce, sweet corn with butter,  saute veggies and wild rice.


Mar y Tierra - Surf and Turf

A mix of our recipes of filet Mignon and lobster in butter sauce, served with mashed potatoes and sauté green beans. 

Pierna de cerdo adobada - Pork leg in adobo sauce

Pork leg marinated in a delicious adobo sauce, roast to perfection, served with sweet mashed potatoes, sauté green beans, carrots and toasted bread.



 Cheese and chocolate cake

Coffee and chocolate cake