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Thanksgiving menu

Take a look at our Mexican Thanksgiving choices, have a wonderful traditional dinner with a Mexican twist.  

$60.00 US per person (minimum six ppl)


What's App: (+52) 984 104 46 00


Mexican ingrediets, avocados, jicamas, tomatillos, hot peppers, etc.!

To Start

Bruschetta d' Calabaza con Champignon

Toasted slices of rustic bread topped with grilled diced zucchini and button mushroom with a spread of goat cheese


Salpicon - Tzik  - Pulled beef Tostadas

Mayan recipe of prime pulled beef, mixed with diced red onions and radish, chopped cilantro, all dressed with bitter orange juice, olive oil and served on a corn tostada with a slice of avocado.


Poblano Pepper Cream - Crema de Chile Poblano

Roasted Poblano peppers cream with sweet kernel corn and homemade croutons.


Sopa de Calabaza de Castilla al Curry

Curried roasted pumpkin soup.



Dark Greens Salad
A mix of dark 
green leaves with spinach, rucola, blue cheese, toasted pecans and pear slices in our balsamic vinaigrette dressing. 

Romain Lettuce, Avocado and Apple Salad

Organic Romaine lettuce with slices of apple, avocado and toasted almonds, topped with our vinaigrette dressing.

Main dishes

Stuffed Poblano Peppers

(Poblano peppers are 4-5 inchelong)

Roasted Poblano peppers stuffed with goat and Oaxaca cheese, served on a bed of roasted tomato sauce with a side of beans and chorizo sausage.

Pulled turkey with Mole sauce.

Pulled turkey breast cook in a traditional sauce made with dry smoky peppers, tomatoes, onions, peanuts, almonds, spices and a hint of dark chocolate with cinnamon. Served with rice in tomato sauce and fresh corn tortillas.

Pork roast in Adobo Sauce

Classic Mexican dish of meat and potatoes, pork fillets roast to perfection in an adobo sauce, served with mashed potatoes, sauté green beans and carrots with ginger. 


Mexican chocolate Brownies with vanilla ice cream. $8.00 US

Fried Plantains with whipped cream ........ $6.00 US


From the Bakery

(Pricing according to the size)


Cheese and chocolate cake

Coffee and chocolate cake


Tres Leches cake


Caramel Flan

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