Chef Menu

Each dish is prepared from scratch, with the best, natural and the freshest ingredients. If available, we will use organic ingredients.

Please  let us know your ideas and your favorite selections of dishes and we will work on a menu and a quote based on your choices. I can always guide you, give you my suggestions and comments. Click on the following email and let  us know your ideas

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Kids Menu


Green feed beef hamburgers.


Chicken Milanesa

Home made breaded chicken with guacamole. 


Breaded fish with guacamole.


Breaded Shrimp with guacamole. 


Cheese quesadillas

Chicken and cheese quesadillas


Ice Cream


Avocado dip with tortilla Chips

Albondigas al Chipotle

 Prime ground beef mini meat balls, served on a sauce of roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic and chipotle peppers.



Tostaditas de Frijoles

Toasted corn tortillas with black beans, lettuce, crumble cheese, sour cream and hot salsa.


Cheese corn tortillas quesadillas served with spicy salsa verde.

The cost for the Chef Service is per person and is set according to the selected dishes, courses and the size of the group. The pricing will include the ingredients.

Our Pitchers


The traditional Margarita, made with fresh squeezed juice and Tequila 100% Agave plant.


Frozen Mojito
Cuban rum with fresh lime juice and fresh mint.



Frozen Margarita made with Mezcal 100% Agave plant, fresh lime juice, cucumber and organic mint.

Non Alcoholic


Virgin Pina Colada made with coconut cream and 100% pineapple juice.


Agua de Jamaica
Hibiscus flower infusion.


Sopa de Tortilla
A delicious thick soup made with a traditional mix of corn tortillas, smoky dry peppers, tomatoes, onion & spices, served with tortilla strips, crumble cheese and sour cream.



Ensalada de Jicama
Organic Romaine lettuce with fresh orange supremes, Julienne jicamas & topped with toasted peanuts, chilli powder and our citrus dressing.


Green Salad
A mix of organic lettuce with cucumbers bell peppers & avocado slices, topped with sauté green beans and our vinaigrette dressing. 

Traditional Mexican Courses

Frijol con Puerco

Traditional recipe from the Yucatan peninsula, made with a black beans consommé and pulled pork tenderloin, this delicious dish is served with fresh and warm corn tortillas, diced red onions, diced red radish & a traditional habanero-salsa made with roasted garlic & tomatoes.


Chiles Rellenos

Poblano peppers can be about 10-12 cm long

Roasted Poblano peppers stuffed with goat and melting cheese, served on a bed of roasted tomato sauce with corn tortillas.

Add a side of beans and/or chorizo sausage.

"Meat Tacos"

All tacos are served family style, for you to make your own tacos.

Our preference is to use local ingredients and freshly made white corn tortilla.


Tacos a la parrilla

Mexican authentic tacos with home-fried potatoes with caramelized onions, sauté mushrooms with Mexican herbs, Cactus-Pico de Gallo, grilled chicken breast, local made Chorizo-sausage and Pok Chuc, pok chuc is a grilled pork steak marinated in bitter orange juice all served with a roasted tomato salsa.


Filet Mignon Tacos

Grilled, juicy and tender fillet Mignon tacos, served with sauté green and red peppers, pearl onions, pico de gallo and hot salsa. 


Cochinita Pibil Tacos

 Most popular recipe of the Yucatan Peninsula, a pork roast marinated in a tropical sauce with bitter orange juice, achiote seeds & spices. Served with black beans, pickled red onions, and habanero-hot salsa  

Sea food & Fish

Some of these dishes can be served as appetizers, fish fillets and lobster dishes are always a main course dish. 


Ceviche de Pescado
Local white fish marinated with lime juice and mixed with fresh salsa with a touch of cucumbers and fresh chilli peppers.


Coctel de Camarones
Shrimp cocktail with a mix of fresh chopped tomatoes, diced red onions, cilantro, avocado, chipotle peppers, and a fresh touch of cucumbers.

Camarones al Chipotle

Sautéed large shrimp to the garlic sauce, served on a delicious roasted tomato sauce with chipotle peppers, rice and corn tortillas.


Filete de Pescado en Hoja Santa

Fish fillet wrapped in an edible and aromatic green leaf called "Hoja Santa", the fish is wrapped and cooked in a tomatillo sauce with white wine, served with sauté green beans, white rice and corn tortillas.

Langosta "al burro"

Caribbean lobster to the garlic and butter sauce, served with a tasty Tamarind sauce, rice and grilled veggies.



Chilpachole de Jaiba y Camaron

A traditional and delicious sea food dish from the Mexican gulf region, made with Caribbean blue crab & gulf shrimp, spiced up with smoky Ancho peppers, garlic, onion & Mexican herbs. 


Sea food Tacos

All served family style, for you to make your own tacos.

Our preference is to use local and fresh ingredients, we use organic if available

Fish fillet Tacos

Lightly fried fish fillets, served with a salad, rice, Chipotle salsa, chipotle dip, Pico de Gallo, and fresh corn tortillas.

Fish and Shrimp Tacos

A mix of of the fish fillet and the shrimp in chipotle sauce to make a great combo for sea food tacos.

Chicken & Turkey

Chicken breast a la Poblana

Breaded chicken breast stuffed with goat & melting cheese, topped with a tasty creamy sauce made with roasted poblano peppers and served with white rice.


Pollo con Mole - Pulled chicken with Mole sauce 

(Tender pulled turkey breast available upon request)  

Pulled chicken cook in a traditional sauce made with consommé, dry mild chili peppers, tomatoes, onions, peanuts, almonds, spices and a hint of dark chocolate with cinnamon. Served with rice in tomato sauce and fresh corn tortillas.

Notice that not all the fish and sea food are available all year long.


Fishing season

(Sea Bass season from Nov to June)

(Red Snapper available all year round)

(Mahi-Mahi on season from April to Sept)

(Lobster season from Oct to March)

(Blue Crab season from Oct to April)


Mexican chocolate Brownies with vanilla ice cream

Fried Plantains with whipped cream


Lime Sorbet