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Delivery Menu - Para Llevar

Enjoy international and traditional Mexican recipes, each meal is made the best and the freshest produce and ingredients at the market.

For ordering we require a down-payment to buy all of the ingredients. We need from 24 to 48 hours to locate the ingredients and prepare the food. We have a transportation fee for deliveries outside of the downtown area, Playa del Carmen, the fee is set according with the taxi fare in town.


What's App: (+52) 984 104 46 00

Home Line (+52) 984 803 15 48


Conoce nuestros platillos hechos con los mejores y mas frescos ingredientes disponibles. 
Todos los pedidos requieren de 24 a  48 horas de anticipacion para localizar los ingredientes y preparar la comida. Requerimos un adelanto para comprar los ingredientes. Si tu pedido es fuera del centro o fuera de la ciudad tiene un cargo de transporte de acuerdo a la tarifa de taxis de la ciudad. 


Tortillas & Totopos

Tortillas de Maiz ....... $2.00 US por 1 Kg

Corn Tortillas


Totopos frescos del dia ....... $3.00 US Bolsa grande

Big Bag of Fresh Tortilla Chips

Rice & Beans - Arroz y Frijoles

1/2 kg aproximadamente

500 gm approximately per serving

Arroz Blanco .......$6.00 US
-Arroz de grano largo, sazonado con ajo.

-White long grain rice cooked with garlic.


Arroz blanco con verduras ..... $7.00 US

-Arroz de grano largo con verduras

-White long grain rice cooked with veggies.

Arroz a la Mexicana ...... $7.00 US

-En Salsa de jitomate con verduras.

-Long grain rice in a tomato sauce with veggies.


Frijoles Negros.........$12.00 US

800  gm  aproximadamente - 800 gm  of serving approx.

-Frijoles negros cocinados en olla de barro con cebolla y epazote, sazonados con cebolla frita con un toque de manteca o aceite vegetal.

-Black beans cooked in clay pot, spiced with Mexican herbs and fried onion with a touch of lard or cooking oil.

Ceviche & Cocktail

Ceviche de Pescado ........... $22.00

-Mexican Caribbean style fish ceviche with diced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, lime juice and fresh chile peppers..

750 gm aproximadamente - 750 gm per serving approx. 

Ceviche de Pescado y Camaron ......... $25.00 US

-Mexican Caribbean style shrimp and fish ceviche with diced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, lime juice and fresh chile peppers.
750 gm aproximadamente - 750 gm per serving approx.

Cocktail de Camaron ......... $32.00 US

-Shrimp cocktail with diced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, bitter orange juice, avocado slices and a touch of chipotle peppers  with ketchup.
750 gm aprox. - 750 gm per serving approx.

From Yucatan Peninsula

- Sopa de Lima & Frijol con Puerco serves four to six people approx.

- Sopa de Lima y Frijol con Puerco sirven de cuatro a seis personas aproximadamente. 

Sopa de Lima ........ $22.00 US

- Traditional Chicken consomme, made with lime juice, thyme, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions & corn tortilla stripes.  

- Receta local, consome de pollo con jitomates picados, cebolla, ajo, pimientos, tomillo y su jugo de lima agria.


Frijol con Puerco ......... $24.00 US

-Traditional recipe from the Yucatan peninsula, made with a black beans consommé and pulled pork tenderloin, this delicious dish is served with fresh and warm corn tortillas, diced red onions, diced red radish & a traditional habanero-salsa made with roasted garlic & tomatoes.

Tzic de Res ............. $27.00 US

Prime pulled beef mixed with fresh diced sweet radish, diced red onions, chopped habanero and chopped cilantro, all dressed with bitter orange juice and olive oil.

900 gm aproximadamente por orden - 900 gm per serving approx.

Cochinita Pibil .......... $38.00 US

1.6 Kg aproximadamente por orden - 1.6 kg per order approx. 


-The most popular recipe from the Yucatan peninsula: Pork roast marinated in a tropical sauce. Roast to perfection in a clay pot.

- La receta mas popular de la Peninsula de Yucatan. Carne de cerdo marinada con achiote, species y naranja agria, horneada a la perfeccion en olla de barro.

Included with your Cochinita - Incluida con tu orden 


Salsa Verde con habaneros

- Salsa of tomatillos with habaneros 

Cebollitas curtidas Xnipek

- Red pickled onions

Salsas & dips

400 gm aproximadamente - 400 gm per serving approx.


Hot Salsa - Salsa Picante ....… $5.00 US

-Jitomates y tomates asados, chile verde, cebolla, ajo y cilantro fresco.

-Hot salsa, made with roasted tomatoes and tomatillos, fresh chilli peppers, garlic, onion and fresh cilantro. 


Pico de Gallo ..……. $6.00 US
-Jitomates frescos, cebolla picada, chile verde y cilantro fresco con un toque de jugo de limon  y aceite de olivo.

-The popular Pico de Gallo salsa, made with fresh tomatoes, onion, cilantro and fresh chilli peppers. 


Guacamole ……. $8.00 US

-Aguacates frescos y maduros con cebolla picada, chile verde, cilantro fresco, jugo de limon y aceite de olivo.

-Avocado dip spiced with fresh hot peppers. 

Breakfast  Burritos & Quesadillas

-Orden minima de cuatro burritos por orden.

-Minimum four burritos items  per order.

Breakfast Burrito ...... $13.00 US

-One large flour tortilla with farmed scrambled eggs with tomatoes, onions, fresh chili peppers, local Argentinian sausage, Oaxaca & Cheddar cheese and beans.

-Burritos de tortilla de harina con chorizo Argentino, huevos de granja local a la Mexicana, quesillo, queso chedar y frijoles.

Flour tortillas Quesadillas (minimum order of 4 quesadillas)

...... $2.00 US per Cheese Quesadilla

........$3.50 US per Cheese and Chorizo Quesadilla

- Quesadillas, made with a regular size flour tortilla and quesillo cheese.

Salad dressing - Aderezo

Vinagreta Francesa ........ $16.00

Vinagre de vino rojo, mostaza Dijon, aceite de olivo y un toque de miel.


Vinagreta Mexicana ......... $14.00 US

Vinagre, jugo de limon, chille en polvo, aceite de olivo y un toque de miel.

Pasta sauces - Salsas para Pasta

Una salsa da para seis porciones de pasta aproximadamente.

One sauce for six pasta servings approx.


Salsa de jitomate -

Italian Tomato sauce ...… $14.00 US
Tomaotes and saute garlic, oregano and basil.

Tomates y ajos asados con oregano y albahaca.


Salsa de jitomate a la Messicana -

Mexican Style tomato sauce ....... $16.00 US

Toatoes and saute garlic with oregano, parsley, basil and chipotle peppers.

Jitomates y ajos asados con chile chipotle, oregano, albahaca y un toque de crema acida.


Salsa Pesto - Pesto with pecans ....... $26.00 US

Pesto sauce with parsley, basil, garlic and pecans.

Salsa de albahaca con perejil, nueces, ajo y aceite de oliva.

Main Meals - Plato fuerte

Chicken Tinga - Tinga de Pollo …...... $24.00 US

- Pulled chicken with caramelized onions in a tomato-chipotle sauce.

- Pollo en salsa de chile chipotle con jitomates asados y cebollas caramelizadas.

1 kg aproximadamente por orden - 1 kg per serving approx.

Chicken in Mole Sauce - Pollo con Mole …... $28.00 US

- Tender chicken cooked in a mild dry peppers sauce with sauted onion and tomatoes, bitter chocolate, peanut butter and chicken stock.

- Pollo en una deliciosa salsa de chiles secos, jitomates y cebollas asadas, chocolate amargo, crema de cacahuate y caldo de pollo.

1.2 kg aproximadamente por orden - 1.2 kg per serving approx.

Curry Caribeño con Vegetales ...... $30.00 US

Caribbean style yellow curry with vegetables.

1.2 kg aproximadamente por orden 

1.2 kg approx. per order. 

Curry Caribeño con Vegetales y Pollo ....... $39.00 US

Caribbean style yellow curry with vegetables and cubed chicken breast.

1.5 Kg aproximadamente por orden 

1.5 kg approx. per order.

Steak in a Mexican tomato sauce

Filete a la Mexicana ............. $33.00 US

- Sautéed beef steaks served with a lightly spicy tomato sauce.

- Filetes de res servidos en una deliciosa salsa Mexicana.

900 gm aproximadamente por orden - 900 gm per serving approx.

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